Old School Skinny was created to share an authentic 90’s house party feel with people who have a burning desire to dance. Get ready to go back to a time when we used to live on the dance-floor with a mix of non-stop sweat pumpin grooves set to energizing rhythms. My hand picked playlist of classic hits and throwbacks will take you on a funky trip down memory lane so feel free to sing along!

Regardless of age or ability, Old School Skinny allows everyone to get lost in the moment while sweating it out on the dance floor. Its a fun approach to shedding unwanted pounds and will literally have you dancing everywhere you go. Class opens with a 15 minute ‘watch and repeat’ style warm up that focuses on relieving stress through breathing techniques and maximizing range of motion. Then we’ll pick up the pace to thoroughly engage our core, amplify calorie burn, and tone muscles you might have forgotten about with my own blend of easy-to-follow grooves. Although it may be challenging at times, OSS classes are moderation friendly. Its all about letting loose and releasing your inner party animal! Dancers are encouraged to move around the room and interact with others throughout the hour. Each class is a unique experience so bring BIG energy and get ready for a funky good time!

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LA Dance Fit Studio

10936 Santa Monica Blvd, Westwood CA 90025

 Level 1 /2

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Evolution Studios

10816 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood CA 91601

Level 1/2

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11828 Teale St, Los Angeles, CA 90230

Level 1/2

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Celebrity artistic director/choreographer Luckie brings you a uniquely interactive party experience! Old School Skinny LIVE is a high-octane performance spectacular that incorporates epic dj mixes, eye popping visual effects, and a packed stage of professional dancers performing to classic hits and throwback jams. Each performance is created and choreographed around the audience experience!

These elements are combined to create a captivating live stage show that’s guaranteed to push the energy through the roof. There’s no standing still with Old School Skinny LIVE so get your body moving and grooving on the dance floor as Luckie and crew lead the crowd in easy-to-follow moves.