that's luckie.

It all started in Inglewood, CA. At a very young age the love of performance sparked inside of Luckie when he saw Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope Tour. From then on, creating dynamic movement and breath-taking visuals became the fuel for his passion. Luckie is an emerging creative director whose attention to detail gives each of his concepts a breath taking and insightful aura. Whether for stage or screen, Luckie cultivates ideas into fascinating live art.

He began his career with appearances in movies such as Thirteen, Rize, and Be Cool. Soon after that he choreographed the ASYM Awards and a national commercial for Sunny Delight. Luckie received two nominations from the NAACP Theatre Awards for his choreography/staging in the off -Broadway remake of the 1975 choreo-poem “For Colored Girls”. Since then, he continues to captivate audiences on and off the stage. He’s worked with Ceelo, Jamie Foxx, and Ozomatli while also appearing in commercials for Sprite, Honda, and BBC America.

His ever-evolving body of work ranges from mellow aesthetics to full throttle costumed productions which can be seen on artists like Nicki Minaj, Chris Bones, and Dawn Richard. While touring as the creative director and movement coach for 3-time Grammy nominated artist Jhené Aiko, Luckie designed distinctive visuals that drew audiences deep into the tranquil tone of her music.

Luckie was featured as a choreographer and onscreen dance partner for Oxygen’s hit show Dance Your A** Off where he landed a spot in the finale. During his time on the show, he began honing in on a signature style of cardio fitness that would be comfortable for recreational dancers. That experience is the foundation for his irresistible 90s groove class and live stage show; Old School Skinny.  The “express yourself” vibe is directly influenced by the days he would dance in front of the tv while Soul Train and music videos were on.

Most recently, Luckie was appointed the director of the LA Sparks ‘Ole Skool Crew dance team and continues to develop singer/actress Kayla Brianna; who was highlighted as iHeart Radio’s 2016 Artist to Watch.